Connecting the communities of Honesdale, White Mills, and Hawley through recreation, education, art, horticulture, community events, and sustainably-designed green space.


At over 31 miles long, the Lackawaxen River winds through the heart of the historic towns of Wayne and Pike counties. Imagine a trail system that would allow residents and visitors to walk, run, and bike along its mighty banks; canoe, kayak, and fish in its pristine waters; and even seamlessly connect with other trails throughout the region, including the Honesdale Borough Parks, Hawley trails, and the future Stourbridge Rail & Trail.

That's the goal of the Honesdale River Project, and it's parent group, the Wayne-Pike Trails and Waterways Alliance: to make this incredible natural resource more accessible to recreation opportunities, celebrate, preserve, and enhance its natural beauty, and better connect the residents of Wayne County to the river, and each other.  



We are a collection of grassroots community groups who seek to enhance the interconnectivity of Wayne County through the development of a diverse system of trails and walking paths. 


Ready to join our ranks as a volunteer? Perhaps you'd like to donate to help make this vision a reality? (In either instance, thank you!) Find everything you need to know right now.